Thursday, 24 July 2014

Doctor Who: Deep Breath Standalone DVD Announced

The Complete Eighth Series DVD/Blu-ray might be only be coming this November, but it looks like the series opener, Deep Breath, will be getting a release beforehand.

Amazon US have listed a DVD/Blu-ray release for Deep Breath only - the feature-length episode, Peter Capaldi's first, has been confirmed to be around 75 minutes. It will release on 9th September.

While the US-only listing points to an exclusive North American release, we'll keep you updated for any more news on the release elsewhere!

[Source: Doctor Who News]
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Moffat: Doctor Who Numbering Doesn’t Make Sense

This will probably come as no surprise to Doctor Who fans, but Steven Moffat doesn't believe in your Doctor numbering system. Moffat introduced the War Doctor in last November’s 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor, which threw off fans’ unofficial system, which has William Hartnell as the “First Doctor,” Patrick Troughton as the “Second,” etc. Moffat says of this system:
“You are all wrong! He has never called himself the anything-th Doctor in the show." 
 “If the Doctor was a real person and walked in here, and you said, 'Which incarnation are you?' he’d have to think, just as you’d have to think about how many houses you’ve lived in. He never thinks of himself as a numbered Doctor. The Twelfth Doctor means the twelfth actor to have played the lead in Doctor Who. That’s all it means. There is no such character as the Twelfth Doctor and never has been." 
What do you think of this comment? Does he have a point or is this only a papering-over of the confusion he’s caused? Leave a comment!

[Source: RadioTimes]
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Details For Doctor Who Magazine #469

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out today. In the magazine, Executive Producer and Lead Writer talks exclusively about the series 8:
Oh, it's a proper blockbuster this episode, so many explosions that Peter Capaldi came in on his day off to watch the Daleks blowing up! I like a Doctor who revels in the destruction of evil in his downtime…
Other features from the issue include:
  • Doctor Who's production designer Michael Pickwoad on how to create entire worlds.
  • Former script editor Andrew Cartmel talks to the writers he employed on what could have been Doctor Who's very last season:Ben Aaronovitch, Ian Briggs, Marc Platt and Rona Munro.
  • Terrance Dicks – script editor, writer and novelist supreme – talks about his work on Target's Doctor Who books.
  • DWM pays tribute to the life and times of director Derek Martinus, the man who introduced the Cybermen, Ice Warriors and Autons to Doctor Who.
  • The Fact of Fiction takes a detailed look at the 1982 Fifth Doctor adventure, Kinda.
  • The Crystal Throne ­– the brand new comic strip adventure starring Vastra, Jenny and Strax continues.
  • The Time Team watch the Doctor meet River Song for the first time in Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.
  • Jacqueline Rayner and her family get World Cup fever as they wait for the start of the new series in Relative Dimensions.
  • The Watcher poses more questions and reveals dubious secrets from the archives in Wotcha!
  • Reviews and previews of the latest CDs and books.
  • Official news, the DWM crossword, prize-winning competitions and much more!
DWM #476 is on sale now at all good newsagents and retailers for £4.99.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

SFX Previews Doctor Who: Series 8

We are now only a month away. In commemoration of the imminent arrival of Series 8, SFX  Magazine has a world exclusive preview of the 12th Doctor and his upcoming adventures. The highlight of the preview is a summary of all 12 episodes by showrunner Steven Moffat, offering a brief yet tantalising look through the window of what is to come. Information that can be gathered from the previews include:

  • A troubling first episode for Clara, dealing with the loss of Eleven
  • Confirmation of a Robin Hood stylised episode
  • An episode toned similarly to The Lodger
  • A throwback to a plot point or monster from Matt Smith's era
  • Doctor Who meets Ocean's Eleven? A heist themed episode
  • The finale will deal with the culmination of tension between Twelve and Clara
Also included is an interview with Mr Moffat himself about the 12th Doctor's upcoming trials and tribulations, of which not all are simply monsters; The Doctor will face problems much closer to home. How will Clara cope with this new, dark transformation of her best friend?
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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Box Set Confirmed

It has been announced that a limited edition 50th Anniversary box set will be released in the Autumn. The box set was rumoured in February, when the BBFC cleared several extras for inclusion on the discs.

6000 Blu-Rays and 4000 DVDs will be released of the set, which will include The Day of the Doctor, The Name of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor, as well as the docu-drama An Adventure in Space & Time (the first time this is available on Blu-ray) and The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. The set will also contain a number of extras including documentaries and behind the scenes footage.

The set will include:
  • The Name of the Doctor 
  • The Night of the Doctor 
  • The Day of the Doctor 
  • The Time of the Doctor 
  • An Adventure in Space & Time 
  • The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot 
  • Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide 
  • The Science of Doctor Who 
  • Doctor Who Proms 2013 
  • The Last Day 
  • The Day of the Doctor Readthrough 
  • The Day of the Doctor Cinema Intros 
  • Deleted Scenes 
  • Behind the Scenes action 
  • BBC America Documentary: Tales from the Tardis 
  • BBC America Documentary: Farewell to Matt Smith
The set is scheduled for release in the UK on September 8th.

Pre-order the DVD here or the Blu-ray here from the BBC Shop.
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Peter Jackson Still On Board for Doctor Who

Speaking in the latest issue of SFX, Steven Moffat has said that Peter Jackson is still in consideration to direct an episode of Doctor Who.

The director is currently completing The Hobbit trilogy. He's so busy that he's not responding to emails sent by the production crew on Doctor Who, according to Steven Moffat!

The issue of Jackson residing in New Zealand was also brought up by the show's head writer:

I think he would also like us to go and make it in New Zealand! And I’m like “Okaaay… I’d rather we just flew you to Cardiff!

Would you like to see Peter Jackson direct an episode of Doctor Who? Which writer or Monster should he direct for? Tell us in the comments!

[Source: SFX]
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Davros In New Doctor Who Teaser Trailer?

The recent, second Doctor Who teaser trailer has a mysterious voice that is never revealed. The Dalek like voice suggests Davros. The Dalek creator was last seen in The Stolen Earth, left on the burning crucible after failing to set off the deadly Reality Bomb.

Though his fate was never confirmed it seemed obvious he burned with the Dalek army and Crucible; Or is that just what were supposed to think? Is it possible he could have escaped the burning ship as he did in the Time War? The anger and hatred towards the Doctor certainly sounds like the Dalek Emperor;
I see into your soul Doctor. I see beauty, divinity, hatred.
The teaser was released after confirmation that the Cyberman will be returning, but will Davros be making an appearance as well?

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below!
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Marc Ellerby Creating 11th Doctor Short Adventures

The relationship between comics and Doctor Who is at an all time high. As we reported previously, the 11th Doctor will be receiving his very own comic series, created by Titan Comics. Not only that, but the 10th and 12th Doctors will also be undergoing the comic treatment by Titan.

To counter-balance the more serious, dense or complex tone of the comic itself, illustrators and publishers can add backups in the final pages, designed to provide a juxtaposing silly and light-hearted break from the intensity of the main comic. It has been revealed that Essex based illustrator Marc Ellerby will be designing and drawing the backups for the 11th Doctor comics.

Mr Ellerby garnered acclaim for his print and web based comics, among those being Chloe Noonan, the story of a rather normal and unassuming monster hunter. You can see examples of the style he employs on his Tumblr page, which can be found here, or head to his website here to check out his other creations.

Both the 10th and 11th Doctor comics were released today.
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Dead Ringers Set to Take On Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi

After leaving the television airwaves in 2007, Dead Ringers is returning to Radio 4. The show featured talented impressionists placing famous political and entertainment personalities in odd and comical situations. Jon Culshaw, the program's Tom Baker impersonator, once called and spoke to the "real" Tom Baker. 

Notable 'victims' of the upcoming series include Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi, Bendict Cumberbatch of Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and many others. 

One of the show's stars, Jan Ravens, told the Radio Times:
"We haven’t seen Peter Capaldi's Doctor yet but we probably have an idea of what he will sound like”
Will you tune in to the new Dead Ringers? What are your favourite bits from earlier series? Leave us some comments!

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Doctor Who: Tenth & Eleventh Doctor Comics Launch Trailer

You can read our review of the Tenth Doctor #1 here and the Eleventh Doctor #1 here!
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Doctor Who Missing Episodes Rumours Continue

Philip Morris, the hero of Doctor Who missing episodes, was recently asked about the ongoing rumours that more episodes have been discovered. He said in a Facebook group:
A tricky one to answer and fans will just want a yes or no haven't you or have you. But it's complex all I can say is the wind is blowing the right way be patient. I don't wish to jeopardise the ongoing project in any way .And feel the fans of all lost TV will be very happy with the outcome.
Take that how you will! Though Morris has always been very careful to reiterate that nothing is certain, and not to get hopes up just yet.

Fans have been eager for news of more episodes since Morris discovered missing episodes of Troughton’s The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear last year in Nigeria. The most common rumour is that one of Hartnell’s historical serials, Marco Polo, is the one which has been found. There has also been a rumour floating around for quite a while that the entire bulk of the missing episodes (97 in total), has been found and is awaiting restoration before being announced.

Only time will tell! As always, stay posted with us at The Gallifrey Times.

[Source: Doctor Who News]
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Opinion Article: 12th Doctor's Costume

NOTE: The following is an opinion article. It reflects ONLY the views of the author, and not the views of The Gallifrey Times, the BBC, or anyone else but the writer of the article. Thank you, and enjoy your reading.

I have some doubts about Capaldi as I'm sure we all do; going from one Doctor to another is always a heartbreaking process. I'm hopeful but I have some concerns.

When I saw the released photos of the new wardrobe I was disappointed. It's not that I don't like the costume; it's that there are no distinguishing features. Such as the leather jacket worn by Christopher Eccleston, the trench coat we all associate with David Tennant, the lovely fez, Bow-tie and suspenders connected to Matt Smith.

Being younger I fully support all these accessories and feel that what you wear reflects who you are. For instance Matt had so many random additions to his suit, but they all fit so well together. Just as the character himself was, coming up with ridiculous food combinations and explanations that all seem to make sense in the end. I think because this outfit lacks those telling accessories we might see less of the fun side and more of the "100 per cent Rebel time Lord".

Peter Capaldi himself said...
 He's woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord.
Though I look forward to the returning season, Capaldi has some BIG shoes to fill and I'm afraid to see the dark side of the Doctor without those funny additions to break the tension.

I know there are many more opinions on Capaldi, so let us know what you think in the comments below!
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Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 Comic (July 2014) Review

It can be wonderful to explore all of time and space at the Doctor’s side, but the universe can also be a dark and dangerous place – as the Doctor’s most recent companion, Donna Noble, found to her cost. Forced to leave her behind, the Doctor has since been wandering alone. But no matter how far he travels, or how long, something always brings him back to Earth...

Titan Comics are launching two titles featuring the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. The first of the new Tenth Doctor adventures takes place shortly after the Doctor lost companion Donna Noble (series 4).

The story opens with an introduction to the Doctor's newest friend and next companion, Gabrielle, a rebellious girl who gets a big surprise in the local laundromat. This being a multi-part story, we are given a very detailed introduction to Gabrielle's life and get a good feel of her character. However, this means that the Doctor does not appear until 12 pages in, which felt a bit too long for me as the focus was too heavy on the 'soap opera' life of Gabrielle and the action didn't really get started until the last couple of pages.

The character of the Doctor is well portrayed by writer Nick Abadzis, with a good effort to keep the style of language and a pretty good visual likeness. In our first view of him in this series of comics, the Tenth Doctor focusses on his love of nonsensical technology, reprising his Pythonesque 'machine that goes ding' as seen in episodes like Blink and Day of the Doctor.

We also get a brief introduction to the story's monster, a giant hairy zombie-like creature who seems intent on destroying Gabrielle. As usual the Doctor is on hand, ready to leave us with an exciting cliffhanger that leaves you wanting to know who the monster is and how the Doctor and Gabrielle escape. The art is sublime, with a mixture of detailed portraits, faceless wide shots and a bit of mixed-media with the sky. 

We are also treated to a 'mini strip' featuring the Titan range of figures, in this case a Sontaran doing a stand-up routine. Although a promising premise, the droll humour and blatant advertising push lets the comic down in my opinion. 

In summary, the first Tenth Doctor comic is an interesting read, which, although Doctor-lite and slow paced, sets the series up for an exciting run with a new companion, new monster. A promising start, with hopefully 

Our review of the Eleventh Doctor #1 can be read here.

This comic gets released on July 23rd and you can pre-order it here!

The Gallifrey Times Rating: 7/10
Thanks to Titan Comics for providing an advance copy for review.
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Doctor Who South Korea Leg of World Tour Update

BBC Worldwide has recently addressed the critical comments being made by fans in South Korea by relocating the venue of the Seoul leg of the world tour. The relocation allows for a significantly greater amount of fans to attend to the screening event.

The special occasion will now be taking place in the Grand Ballroom at the 63 building on August 9th. This is where more than a thousand fans will gather to watch Deep Breath, the first episode to premier of the upcoming season. Guest appearances will be made by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, the 25th of July at 9 am (KST), available for purchase online at . Tickets will be priced at 15,000 KRW ($15.60) and 12,000 KRW ($11.70).

The GM of BBC Worldwide, Soojin Chung, has made the statement,
"Fans are at the heart of everything we do. We have listened to and taken our fans advice. The new venue will allow many more fans to participate in the fan event and the contests we have planned will allow as many Doctor Who fans as possible to get their hands on tickets –whether they are in Seoul or not."
BBC Worldwide will also be holding two competitions, giving fans a chance to win tickets to the event.
Starting Tuesday 22 July, the TARDIS will be popping up in prominent locations in Seoul. Fans who spot it can take a creative picture of themselves with the TARDIS, and tweet us in the picture showing us how much they love Doctor Who. Fans should post to their photo to Twitter with the hashtag #tardisinseoul and the most creative pictures stand to win tickets to the fan event.
The TARDIS locations will be announced on our Twitter account @doctorwho_kor with the first location posted on Monday 21 July at 9pm Korea time. The full competition terms and conditions will be posted on Fans can start tweeting their entries from 12 noon on Tuesday 22 July until 11.59pm Sunday 27 July when the competition closes (all times KST).
Fans who aren't able to spot the TARDIS in Seoul can still win tickets to the event. A template for a mini cut-out TARDIS will be shared on Twitter at doctorwho_kor. Fans will be able to download this to use in their photos. Similar to the first competition, the most creative pictures, hashtagged #tardisinseoul stand to win tickets. The exact start date and time of this competition will be announced on Twitter.
50 pairs of tickets are up for grabs for each of the two competitions.
[Source: Doctor Who News ]

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Doctor Who: David Tennant 'Excited' For Peter Capaldi

Former Doctor David Tennant has said that he is looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who when it returns next month.

The actor was speaking to Zap2It during the TV Critics Association Press Tour whilst promoting his new television project Gracepoint, the forthcoming US remake of his highly acclaimed ITV series Broadchurch.

During the event Tennant remarked of his fellow Scotsman, who appeared alongside Tennant's Tenth Doctor in 2008 episode The Fires of Pompeii:
"I'm so excited to see him and he's been in touch a lot and had such a great time. His enthusiasm is infectious for it."
Depsite his excitement, however, Tennant has stayed away from the recent script and episode leaks:
"Apparently it's all leaked online, so it's all available! But I haven't. I wouldn't know where to look, so I haven't found it."
Series 8 of Doctor Who premieres on Saturday 23rd August, while Gracepoint begins on Fox on Thursday 2nd October.

Are you as excited as David Tennant is to see Peter Capaldi's Doctor? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: David Tennant News]
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Series 8: Deep Breath