Friday, 13 January 2017

Doctor Who Magazine #508 Out Now

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (#508) - available now - is a special issue taking a look back at the show during the 1970s.

For this month's issue the magazine brought together Jo Grant actress Katy Manning with one of her biggest fans, Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss.

In this excerpt from the magazine's full interview, Gatiss remembers the first time he saw Katy on screen in her d├ębut adventure, 1971’s Terror of the Autons:
Mark: “I remember it as if it were yesterday. I have very, very particular memories of those first few stories. I was so frightened of that little troll doll –”

Katy: “It’s still pretty ghastly. (Shudders) It had pointed teeth, and the way it walked –”

Mark: “I was four years old. Your early memories tend to be either something amazing, or something very traumatic. Usually traumatic.”

Katy: “But it was an extraordinary episode. I loved it as an introduction, because Jo was quite different. She was just ordinary, really. She had no special talents. You watch Jo, literally straight out of school, saying, ‘I didn’t say I passed,’ [in response to the Doctor’s ‘I thought you took an A-level in Science?’] – which I thought was a great line to give anybody!”

Mark: “It’s absolutely true to say that everybody has their Doctor and their time, and I just can’t remember there not being a time when Jon and Katy were it for me. I revisit them often, especially in trouble times – or on wintery afternoons. Like I did the other day. ‘Ooh, I think I might have a glass of sherry and a mince pie, and watch Planet of the Daleks, because it’ll make me feel good.’ I know I sound like I’m about a hundred years old –”

Katy: “Leave that to me. (Laughs) But she was very young, Jo, which was so lucky, because I got to grow up. The writers were very clever. They saw I was growing up, so Jo grew up with me.”

Mark: “And I grew up with Jo.” 

Other features inside this month's magazine include:
  • Terrance Dicks Interviewed: A chat with Doctor Who's masterful writer, genius script editor, prolific novelist and creator of the Time Lords
  • Doctor Who In The 1970s: An exploration of how Doctor Who reflected the real world during the 1970s
  • Time Capsule: We vworp back to revisit what was happening during a single month in Doctor Who history: November 1977
  • Doorway To Hell: Part One of a brand-new comic strip adventure, set in 1973, written by Mark Wright and illustrated by Staz Johnson
  • The Brain Of Morbius: 1970s Doctor Who meets Gothic horror, as the TARDIS lands on Karn in this issue’s Fact of Fiction
  • The DWM Review: A look back of the 2016 Christmas Special The Return of Doctor Mysterio, plus all the latest audio releases
  • Previews: A look ahead to all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases, coming soon
This month's issue also comes with a free bonus comic, *Sub Zero, featuring Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor against the Daleks, originally presented in 1972:

Doctor Who Magazine #508 is available to buy now, price £5.99.

[Source: DWM]
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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Class Ratings After BBC One Broadcast

When Doctor Who spin-off Class launched on the online BBC Three back in October, the crowd went mild. Despite weeks of hype and a cameo from the Twelfth Doctor, the spin-off's first two episodes only received around 185,000 viewers. The rest of the series didn't do much better, with a total of 200,000 viewers, but there was hope that when it aired on BBC One things would pick up.

The first two episodes aired last night in the late evening timeslot and the figures were somewhat better. Episode 1, For Tonight We May Die, was broadcast at 10.45pm and received an estimated audience of 0.94 million viewers, meaning a 10% share of the total TV audience. Though this is considerably better than the online broadcast, the rating is below the channel's average of 1.64 million for that timeslot. However, the episode rated higher than BBC2's Newsnight (0.65 million) and ITV's Through The Keyhole (0.75 million).

Episode 2, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, followed at 11.40pm, but only received 0.39 million viewers, a 7.4% share of the audience. The usual average for this timeslot is 0.64 million, but the episode did perform better than programmes on the other four main channels.

The final official ratings will be announced soon, but what could this mean for Class? Katherine Kelly had previously mentioned that there were talks of a second series very early on, but will this be the case after such poor ratings? As ever, only time will tell.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Power of the Daleks Now Available In Colour

Lost for over 50 years, fans recently got to enjoy the classic (but sadly missing) 60s episode The Power of the Daleks in a new animated adaptation. Whilst this version remained faithful in black and white, you can now enjoy the adventure in full colour!

All six episodes of the colour version are available on the BBC Store website for £9.99 (or £12.99 in HD). This also includes a synchronised digitally remastered recording of the original 1966 audio.

If you're not familiar with the story, the newly regenerated Second Doctor and his companions, Ben and Polly, take on the Daleks, who are posing as servants on the planet Vulcan.

If that's not enough to whet your appetite, here's a trailer for the colourised animation:

To buy your copy of The Power of the Daleks in colour, visit the BBC Store website here.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Big Finish Among Finalists For BBC Audio Drama Awards

Two Big Finish audio dramas have been nominated in the final stages of the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2017.

The awards, now in their sixth year, recognise the cultural significance, range and originality of audio drama, on air as well as online, and credit the creativity of the actors, writers, producers, sound designers and others who work within the field.

The first nomination for Big Finish is Absent Friends, the opening installment of Doctor Who: Doom Coalition Series 3. Written by John Dorney, it stars Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor alongside Alex Kingston as River Song, and is directed by Ken Bentley:
When the TARDIS veers off-course, the Doctor and his companions find themselves in the middle of a mystery. Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you. And sometimes the future does as well.
Big Finish's second finalist is Torchwood: More Than This, starring Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper. It is written by Guy Adams and directed by Scott Handcock:
Gwen Cooper has triumphed against impossible odds before, but now she's finally met her match: Roger Pugh, Planning Officer for Cardiff City Council.

Mr Pugh doesn't believe the world needs Torchwood. Gwen sets out to prove him wrong. For Mr Pugh, it's a day that'll change his life. If he can survive it.
Both Big Finish dramas are nominated in the Best Online/Non-Broadcast Drama category alongside Baker's End: The King Of Cats from Bafflegab Productions, which stars Doctor Who alumni Tom Baker and Katy Manning. Big Finish previously won this category in 2014 for Dark Eyes: The Great War.

The nominations are judged by a team of industry experts including actress Alison Steadman, journalist Baz Bamigboye, and producer Piers Plowright. The winners will be announced in a ceremony held on Sunday 29th January at the Radio Theatre in BBC Broadcasting House, hosted by Sir Lenny Henry.

[Source: BBC]
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Have Your Artwork Published In An Official Doctor Who Book

Penguin have launched a fantastic new competition offering fans a chance to have their artwork featured in a new book, Doctor Who: The Illustrated Adventures, which will be published by Puffin at the end of 2017.

The publishers are asking fans to submit images to illustrate the 100 top favourite Doctor Who episodes that will be listed in the book. Images must be submitted using the Template on the Penguin website

At least 25 winners will have their artwork featured in the book and will receive two copies of the book itself. However, Puffin have stated that up to 100 images could be chosen depending on the quantity and quality of entries. The winners will be chosen by the Puffin design and illustration experts and members of the BBC’s Doctor Who brand team based on how the artwork realises the chosen episode most creatively and attractively. 

The competition closes on 1st Feb 2017 and full details can be found on the Penguin Website.

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The Ghost Gets Spinoff Comic

Following on from the success of The Return of Doctor Mysterio, Titan have published an online comic series,  Doctor Who: Ghost Stories, featuring Grant Gordon (aka. The Ghost) and the Twelfth Doctor.
An all-new digital-first adventure for the Twelfth Doctor! Featuring the character of the Ghost, as debuting in the 2016 Christmas Special episode, The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Join us for an unforgettable adventure across the universe. To say any more would spoil the present you'll unwrap on Christmas Day... So join us on the day after Christmas for the start of an amazing rollercoaster ride!

The first two issues are available to buy on the Comixology website here.

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Monday, 2 January 2017

Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio - Final UK Viewing Figures

The consolidated viewing figures for the Christmas Special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, have been released.

The Special had 7.83 million viewers on average after a week of delayed viewing, a significant rise of 2.15 million on the overnight figure of 5.68 million. That puts it up year on year, above The Husbands of River Song's final rating of 7.69 million, despite achieving a lower overnight rating from that episode.

Doctor Who was the joint sixth most watched programme on Christmas Day:
  1. Call the Midwife - 9.21 million
  2. Mrs Brown's Boys - 8.98 million
  3. Strictly Come Dancing - 8.94 million
  4. Christmas Bake Off - 8.21 million
  5. Coronation Street (ITV) - 8.20 million
  6. Doctor Who - 7.83 million
  7. Emmerdale (ITV) - 6.21 million
  8. Frozen - 5.25 million
  9. Maigret (ITV) - 4.92 million
  10. The Lion King (ITV) - 4.02 million
Doctor Who was fifth for the week on BBC One behind the above programmes, and eighth for the week overall. The figure doesn't include those watching iPlayer online (thought it does include people watching iPlayer through a TV).

[Source: Digital Spy Forums]
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Doctor Who: New Clips From Series 10 in BBC One's 2017 Trailer

The BBC have released a trailer for BBC One's 2017 programming, and it contains some new clips and snippets of dialogue from Doctor Who Series 10. You can view the trailer below:

Doctor Who Series 10 premieres on BBC One in April 2017.
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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio - Poll Results

For the past week you've been voting in our rate the episode poll for The Return of Doctor Mysterio. We've now closed the poll and you can view the results below:

The reception for the first episode in a year was somewhat mixed, with an atypically high number of 1/5 and 2/5 votes, but there was still plenty of positivity to go around:

  • Fantastic (5/5) - 28.74%
  • Very good (4/5) - 31.03%
  • OK (3/5) - 20.69%
  • Poor (2/5) - 11.49%
  • Awful (1/5) - 8.05%
The Return of Doctor Mysterio had an average score of 3.61/5. That puts it well below most of Series 9, including last year's Christmas Special which achieved an average score of 4.23/5. It ranks 23rd overall in the Capaldi era out of 27, with Kill the Moon, In the Forest of the Night and Sleep No More below it.
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Happy New Year From The Gallifrey Times

The clock has just struck midnight in the UK, and 2017 has begun!

It was a quiet year for Doctor Who in which we saw just one new episode in the form of The Return of Doctor Mysterio, but 2017 holds a lot more in store.

There's a brand new season of twelve episodes coming in the spring with a new companion to look forward to, and we'll make sure to keep you updated on all the latest news on Series 10 as we work up to the April premiere date.

Thank you to everyone who's visited the site throughout the year, even with the slight news drought! We promise it'll be more eventful this year.

Happy New Year from The Gallifrey Times Team!
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