Friday, 17 November 2017

Doctor Who: New Twice Upon A Time preview clip

The following clip contains details about Twice Upon A Time that some readers may wish to avoid.

A new clip for this year's Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time, has aired this evening on BBC One as part of Children in Need.

The clip features the First Doctor (David Bradley) as he attempts to come to terms with not only a redecorated TARDIS, but also a new face:

The new clip follows yesterday's newly-released images for the upcoming episode, which can be found here.

Twice Upon A Time will feature Bradley alongside Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor as the latter bids farewell to the show in this year's festive special.

Visit the official Children in Need site for more details on this year's appeal and for ways to donate.
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Thursday, 16 November 2017

New Twice Upon A Time promo images

With just over 5 weeks until Christmas (what a scary and exciting thought!) we are getting more teasers and previews for this year's Christmas special.

Tomorrow we will be treated to a preview of Twice Upon A Time during BBC One's Children In Need show, but if you can't wait until then, we have a few new images to share with you, featuring David Bradley's First Doctor.

Click on an image below to enlarge it.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

David Bradley on being the Doctor: 'It's absolutely thrilling'

This month's issue of Doctor Who Magazine, out tomorrow, features an exclusive in-depth interview with the latest actor to take on the role of the First Doctor, David Bradley.

Bradley, who will be seen alongside Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor in this year's Christmas special Twice Upon A Time, previously played William Hartnell in the 50th anniversary docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time.

On returning to Doctor Who to portray the part that Hartnell originated back in 1963, Bradley says:
“I was playing the guy who was playing the Doctor, but now I’m the Doctor… It’s absolutely thrilling.”
The cover for the new edition of the publication, revealed earlier this week, features Bradley in character as the First Doctor. The actor was first seen in the role in the closing moments of Doctor Who Series 10 finale The Doctor Falls.

As well as news, reviews, previews and competitions, the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine also includes:
  • Fright Knight: Sir Derek Jacobi talks to DWM about bringing back his version of the Master for Big Finish’s new series of audio adventures.
  • Dedicated Followers: DWM meets Jared Garfield and Lily Travers, the actors playing Ben and Polly in Twice Upon a Time.
  • Ben Zen: In a previously unpublished interview from 1997, Michael Craze reflects on the time he spent playing Ben Jackson in Doctor Who from 1966 to 1967.
  • Doc Martin: In what turned out to be his final interview, Trevor Martin discusses playing the Doctor in the stage play Seven Keys to Doomsday. Elsewhere in this issue DWM pays tribute to his long career.
  • Dressing The Doctor: Costume designer Hayley Nebauer explains how she created the First Doctor’s 2017 look.
  • Annual Report: BBC Audio is reviving stories from the Doctor Who annuals. Readers Peter Purves and Matthew Waterhouse are in the studio…
  • 54 First Dates: What’s so special about the 23rd of November? And what else has happened on Doctor Who’s big day? DWM investigates…
  • The Phantom Piper: A brand-new comic strip adventure for the Doctor and Bill in part one of The Phantom Piper, written by Scott Gray and illustrated by Martin Geraghty.
  • The Time Team: The Time Team continues its mission to watch every episode of Doctor Who with 2011’s The Almost People.
  • The Fact Of Fiction: Uncovering the details hidden in the 2007 episode The Lazarus Experiment.
  • The Blogs Of Doom: DWM’s brand-new column begins…
Doctor Who Magazine #519 is out tomorrow, Thursday 16th November, priced £5.99.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Suzanne says… is Doctor Who fashionable?

With Doctor Who’s new outfit revealed last week, Whovians got a first glimpse of the Thirteenth Doctor (and her new TARDIS). They instantly started to study the Doctor’s choice of clothing, pinpointing the similarities with her previous incarnations.

Seeing the posts flourish about the Doctor’s new outfit, I couldn’t help but remember the Fourth and the Seventh Doctor trying on various clothes in front of an audience until they eventually settled on one set of clothes.

With that picture in mind, I started playing with the idea that the Doctor is fashionable… in his own way. Each regeneration is a traumatic experience resulting in the Doctor being confused. While the Doctor is busy to collect pieces of his identity or gather his memories, finding adequate clothes is certainly not his priority. And yet, he somehow manages to find clothes that match his persona. One can be alien but still fashionable, right?

After all the time he has spent on Earth, why wouldn’t the Doctor settle for something everyone else wears at the period he finds himself in? Wouldn’t it be easier to pick something casual until the regeneration process is over? Of course not. His clothes must reflect his eccentricity; there is no way the Doctor can dress like anyone else.
Oh, so you're my replacements. A dandy and a clown. (The First Doctor in The Three Doctors)
This summarises everything about the Doctor’s way of dressing. While the First Doctor inspired respect because of his old age and old fashioned clothes, his next regeneration takes the counterpart while the next one makes an attempt to restore the initial gentlemanly appearance. In fact, there is clearly a pattern in Doctor Who’s wardrobe. He is a dandy and a clown at the same time. Take Six for instance. He wears a waistcoat and Victorian necktie, but he definitively looks like a clown!

By revealing the Thirteenth Doctor outfit, the BBC clearly acknowledges the fact that the Doctor’s fashion has become a proper part of the TV show and this is quite interesting if you consider that we seem more interested in the way the new Doctor will be dressed than in her persona. Will she still be fond of Earth?

Now that the Doctor has a woman’s face, I would really like to see her struggle like the rest of us women do. Like for instance: get respected, believed or listened to. Because let’s be honest here, equality is a lovely word, but it’s just that. A word that still needs a lot of actions to be taken so it becomes a reality. So if the new Doctor could show that reality by experiencing a small part of what we experience on a regular basis, then by all means, I’ll admit that I was wrong in being disappointed to see the Doctor regenerate into a woman.
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Monday, 13 November 2017

The Essential Doctor Who: Time Travel out now

The latest issue of The Essential Doctor Who, sister magazine to the official Doctor Who Magazine, has been released by Panini.

The Essential Doctor Who: Time Travel traces the development of the time-bending narratives that have featured in Doctor Who since 1963, describing the rules that were laid down – and subsequently revised – by the series’ writers and producers.

Highlights of the issue include:
  • Frankenstein vs the Daleks: A look at Terry Nation’s first draft of The Chase
  • Original Evil: David Whitaker’s story treatment for The Evil of the Daleks
  • The Gamble With Time: The complex pre-production of City of Death
  • Creating Angels: A visit to the churchyard that helped to inspire the Weeping Angels
  • River’s Run: Unravelling the complex chronology of River Song’s relationship with the Doctor
The 116-page bookazine also includes guides to time-traveling stories such as The Ark, Mawdryn Undead, A Christmas Carol and Listen, along with exclusive interviews and numerous rare images.

Editor Marcus Hearn says:
"This is a fresh take on a vast and potentially challenging subject. Everyone in this issue has done a great job, coming up with new facts and theories about stories I thought I knew inside out. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the Blinovitch Limitation Effect or the Bootstrap Paradox, then look no further!"
The Essential Doctor Who: Time Travel is out now, priced £9.99.

[Source: Doctor Who News]
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Cover for Doctor Who Magazine #519 released

The cover for the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has been revealed, featuring actor David Bradley in character as the First Doctor.

Issue #519 of the publication will feature an exclusive interview with Bradley, who will appear alongside Peter Capaldi in this year's Christmas special Twice Upon A Time following his surprise cameo in the closing moments of Series 10 finale The Doctor Falls.

The magazine also includes a feature on the actors playing the First Doctor's companions, Jared Garfield (Ben) and Lily Travers (Polly), as well as an interview with Sir Derek Jacobi, who is making his return as the Master for a new audio drama series from Big Finish.

Also interviewed in the new edition is Doctor Who costume designer Hayley Nebauer, whilst also featured is a final interview from the late Trevor Martin, who is perhaps best known for playing an alternate version of the Fourth Doctor in the 1974 stage play Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue #519 is out on Thursday 16th November, priced £5.99.

[Source: Twitter]
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Sunday, 12 November 2017

New Doctor Who Target novelisations coming soon

Next year will see the release of the first new official Doctor Who Target-style novelisations since the end of the original Target range over twenty years ago.

Four of the new novelisations - listed on the Australian website of publisher Penguin Books under their 'Target Collection' - will be adaptations of four landmark episodes of the show airing since its return to screens in 2005.

Former showrunner Russell T Davies will be novelising his original script for Rose, the episode that relaunched Doctor Who in 2005, whilst his script for The Christmas Invasion - the show's first Christmas special - will be adapted by Jenny T. Colgan. Outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat, meanwhile, will be novelising both his script for 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor and the upcoming Christmas special Twice Upon a Time.

The original Target novelisations of classic Doctor Who serials were published between 1973 and 1994, and in the absence of home recordings were often the only way in which fans could re-experience some of their favourite stories.

The synopses for the four 'New Who' novelisations are as follows:

Rose by Russell T Davies
Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life!”

In a lair somewhere beneath central London, a malevolent alien intelligence is plotting the end of humanity. Shop window dummies that can move – and kill – are taking up key positions, ready to strike.

Rose Tyler, an ordinary Londoner, is working her shift in a department store, unaware that this is the most important day of her life. She’s about to meet the only man who understands the true nature of the threat facing Earth, a stranger who will open her eyes to all the wonder and terror of the universe – a traveller in time and space known as the Doctor.
The Christmas Invasion by Jenny T Colgan
Earth is under attack by power-hungry aliens. This is no time for the Doctor to be out of action.

When a British space probe is intercepted by a sinister alien vessel on the eve of Christmas, it marks the beginning of an audacious invasion of the Earth by the Sycorax – horrifying marauders from beyond the stars. Within hours, a third of humanity stands on the brink of death with not a single shot fired.

Our planet needs a champion – but the Doctor is not fit for service. He’s just regenerated, delirious in a new body and a dressing gown. Forced into his battered shoes is his friend, Rose Tyler, a girl from a London council estate. Will she save the world from this nightmare before Christmas – or see it destroyed?
The Day of the Doctor by Steven Moffat
When the entire universe is at stake, three different Doctors will unite to save it.

The Tenth Doctor is hunting shape-shifting Zygons in Elizabethan England. The Eleventh is investigating a rift in space-time in the present day. And one other – the man they used to be but never speak of – is fighting the Daleks in the darkest days of the Time War. Driven by demons and despair, this battle-scarred Doctor is set to take a devastating decision that will threaten the survival of the entire universe… a decision that not even a Time Lord can take alone.

On this day, the Doctor’s different incarnations will come together to save the Earth… to save the universe… and to save his soul.
Twice Upon a Time by Steven Moffat
The Twelfth Doctor's dramatic final adventure, novelised by showrunner Steven Moffat
A fifth new novelisation will be an abridged version of James Goss' 2015 adaptation of the 1979 Fourth Doctor serial City of Death, originally written by Douglas Adams and David Fisher. The story was one of the few not to be novelised by Target during its original run of Doctor Who publications.

City of Death by James Goss
The key to Earth's destruction lies buried in its past.

Visiting Paris in 1979, the Doctor and Romana’s hopes for a holiday are soon shattered by armed thugs, a suave and dangerous Count, a plot to steal the Mona Lisa and a world-threatening experiment with time.

Teaming up with a British detective, the Time Lords discover that a ruthless alien plot hatched in Earth’s pre-history has reached its final stage. If Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth, cannot be stopped then the human race is history, along with all life on Earth…
All five Doctor Who Target novelisations are due to be released on 2nd April 2018 as paperbacks and digital eBooks, and are available to pre-order in the UK and Australia.

[Source: The Doctor Who Site]
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Bradley Walsh starts Doctor Who filming 'next week'

New Doctor Who companion Bradley Walsh has revealed that he begins filming on Doctor Who next week.

The actor and entertainer shared the news with Sunday Brunch hosts Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy whilst appearing on the show today (12th November) to promote his new album, When You're Smiling.

Although filming for Doctor Who's eleventh series is already underway, Walsh revealed that his time with the show starts 'next week', saying:
"I am in Doctor Who, yeah. That starts next week sometime. We've all met."
Walsh also enthused about joining the show, reminiscing about his earliest days as a Doctor Who fan:
"I watched it as a young boy - William Hartnell was in it, and then Patrick Troughton - and it was in black and white and very evocative.

"And then I remember getting bought a Dalek, I drove my mum and dad mad… fifty years later I may get to play with real Daleks!"
Walsh revealed earlier this week on The One Show that he did not have to audition for his Doctor Who role as new companion Graham, saying that he 'just got asked' to do it by incoming Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall.

Speaking to Alex Jones and guest presenter Sally Phillips on Friday's show, he also provided a unique - if at times dubious - insight into his first 'covert' script meeting in Cardiff:
"I walked up and I had to have my ID with me, just like an airport, getting into the reading room... I had to go through a scanner then you were taken in this big, big room, massive like a warehouse room, painted black.

"There was eight of us sitting around a table right in the middle, with a light on the top. Black envelopes with the script in them, with your names embossed in gold, and they were given to you and you had to open them at the same time. You've never seen anything like it.

"And then at the end of the reading, we all stood up and sang 'Delilah' by Tom Jones in a ring, me, couple of Cybermen, a Dalek... it's like being in the Masons."
Earlier in the show Walsh - who will be joining Jodie Whittaker's new Doctor alongside fellow newcomers Mandip Gill (Yasmin) and Tosin Cole (Ryan) - described his feelings on becoming a part of Doctor Who:
"Well, I think it's brilliant. I think it's great that it's a female Doctor, and I'm really proud and privileged to be a part of it."
Doctor Who returns this Christmas with Twice Upon A Time. The eleventh series of Doctor Who is due to follow in Autumn 2018.

[Source: Digital Spy]
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How Ray Holman dresses the Doctor

After the recent reveal of the thirteenth Doctor's new costume, many fans have been questioning the thought process that went into choosing the colourful ensemble. Ray Holman, Doctor Who costume designer, has explained how dressing a Time Lord works.

Holman is the genius behind Matt Smith's series 5 costume and Peter Capaldi's series 9 look. Both of these series' costumes had callbacks to past Doctor Who looks, which is always a joy for classic fans. From bow ties and braces to red coats and layered loose fitting hoodies, a lot of thought goes into coming up with the perfect look for a character who has lived for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

First and foremost, the costume designer doesn't just come up with an idea on their own and force it upon the character. Previous actors have played a huge role in deciding what kind of clothing their version of the Doctor would wear. Remember the old ratty Converse shoes worn by the tenth Doctor? Those were actually Tennant's shoes that he brought to the role. He wore them until people got so tired of them that they forced him to throw the shoes away and had to get a new pair that they made up to appear soiled and old.
“For Doctor Who, it’s a massively collaborative process between the actor, costume designer and show runner, [...] ultimately, we’re all trying to do the right thing for the actor and script.” - Holman
The idea between the costume for the eleventh Doctor, played by actor Matt Smith, had to do with the idea of what Steven Moffat described as “an old man trapped in a young man’s body”. Smith, who was only 28 at the time, liked the idea of a Tweed jacket as he wanted something that would make him "feel a bit older", as Holman recalls.
“I really wasn’t keen on the idea of the bow tie at first – that was solely Matt’s idea. [...] I didn’t think it would work, but I knew something was missing from the outfit. But then Matt put it on and that was it: we all instantly knew it was right. [...] There’s a lot of pressure dressing this 2,000-year-old alien, but my secret to designing a new Doctor is dressing the actor appropriately – doing the right thing for that person. It’s all about making them feel good.” - Holman
Though the costume is a collaboration, there is one small detail Holman likes to add to each of his creations. Think of it as a signature or a master stroke. What is this detail? A red button or red button hole. Smith's tweed jacket and Capaldi's series 9 jackets had the red button detail. Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock coat also has a red button hole, thanks to Holman. He suggests, "it inspires fans to go looking for red buttonholes and buttons – it’s a bit of fun.” We aren't yet sure where Whittaker's secret bit of red is hiding but it is hard to tell with just the one photo so far.

In some past series the Doctor has had a few different looks. For all we know Whittaker has more than one new outfit to wear on her travels through time and space. Whatever the case, a lot of thought from a lot of people went into creating the look she has in the new series 11 promotional photo. Everything chosen has a reason and every detail serves a purpose. Sadly, we wont understand until the new series premieres. But that is all part of the fun, isn't it?


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Friday, 10 November 2017

Doctor Who: Velocity is getting an Episode Two

Fan made Doctor Who: Velocity has received a lot of love from the whovian community online since its release of episode one in October. Now fans have a second episode to look forward to.

The fan made series was filmed in Idaho, USA with a local cast and stars Krystal Moore in the role of the Doctor. Some fans have been hoping for a female Doctor to take over piloting the TARDIS for quite some time. Chris Philips, who directed the first episode, said about their take on the popular television serial, "Our fan film, with the female Doctor, is rather successful".

Philips has experience in video editing and motion graphics from his work on MTV and The Guardian [Newspaper].  When he and partner Moore started throwing ideas back and forth about a Doctor Who fan film he says, "I was really excited to work on something that might connect with a real audience!"

The team has no funding for their endeavours and work on their project in their spare time. Philips states, "We started filming on Sept 15th and we had the episode out on October 31st - so production took six weeks of spare time". He goes on to say:
"The script took a few days over about 2 weeks to write. We learned a lot from the first one! It will mean we can improve on the next episodes. When we first started writing we only planned on doing 1 episode so we crammed a lot in and not having made a drama before I didn’t wanna have TOO much talking if we couldn’t pull it off - as it happened the performances were really good, I was so lucky to find great actors locally. It means we can go more in depth in the future."
The first episode has received over 30,000 views online since it was uploaded in late October. It is currently available to watch on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. You can view the trailer for the first episode below.

Philips expressed his gratitude for their online following stating, "We couldn't be happier with the response to the first episode. Krystal already wrote a second episode and, with any luck, we'll produce even more". The cast and crew which includes Krystal Moore, Chris Philips, Jen Potcher, Chance Fuerstinger, Scott Grady, Dylan Wood and Paycen McGahey are celebrating the success of the first episode by hosting a party in Boise, Idaho on the 18th of November. For those not able to attend, it will be live streamed via their Facebook page. Afterwards they will continue their filming of the second episode, which has already begun.

Also attending the party is the life size TARDIS replica used in their episodes. The replica was borrowed from local pop-culture retailer Re-Pop Gifts. When not on loan the TARDIS can be seen featured in the shop at 3107 W State St in Boise, Idaho.

Philips is a fan of classic Who while partner Moore prefers the more modern episodes. They try to retain a balance in their episodes that represents both aspects of the original BBC program. When I asked Philips about what the team has planned for episode two and the future of the show he had this to say:
"The Master has kidnapped The Doctor and they’re on their way to Gallifrey. The Master is hoping to trade The Doctor in who is wanted for messing with time… but who might stop them? What might mess up The Masters plans? We’ve got some surprises coming you might not expect. Generally we’re gonna keep the fun action packed feel, but expand out the characters and give the actors a bit more meat to work with."

This is not a review, so if you want to know more about the episode, why not give it a watch? It's only 10 minutes long. If you are left wanting more, you wont have too long to wait! If fans are wondering how they can support the project, Philips says, "I’d rather keep it zero budget as it’s a fun challenge". Fans can still get involved though. Philips asks those wanting to help out to "Comment, like, subscribe", adding "We might possibly make some limited merch". It sounds like this is just the beginning for Doctor Who: Velocity. We'll be excited to see where the future takes them.

[Sources: Boise Weekly , Chris Philips ]
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