Monday, 17 June 2013

Doctor Who: Red Dwarf Star Talks Twelfth Doctor

Another actor has expressed interest in the role of the Twelfth Doctor - this time, it's Red Dwarf actor Craig Charles.

Charles said to site Purple Revolver:
“Yeah, having a black Doctor Who would be double cool. To be asked by the Beeb would be great, it's such a classic show. But I think there would probably be too much cross-over with Red Dwarf, as we’ve got a new series (of Red Dwarf) lined up next year.”
“Also, I would have to grit my teeth a bit, because the thing about Dr Who that always annoyed me was the graphics are cr*p. But, even if I can’t be the first black Doctor, I am the first black man to own a house on Corrie, which is as good a claim to fame.”
What do you think of Charles' comments? Would you like to see him as the Twelfth Doctor? Comment below!

[Source: Doctor Who TV]