Monday, 30 June 2014

A New Face For Doctor Who Legacy

Even with the big reveal we just had from the BBC, we still have over 50 days until Deep Breath arrives. That's where Tiny Rebel Games is helping out. Fresh from the developer comes the newest version of Doctor Who Legacy, complete with some huge changes.

If your not familiar with the game, Doctor Who Legacy is an RPG Gem style game with Doctor Who spin. You assemble a team that draws characters from the Doctor Who timeline to join the Doctor against his foes. With lots of new allies to unlock as well as many of the Doctors, the team options are endless!

The newest update (V 2.2) offers even more new additions. A daily log in bonus and the ability to level up your allies to an even higher level adds a new degree of gameplay. Add to that a whole new dual color system and a challange area and you have a great way to pass the time while your waiting for another episode of Doctor Who to arrive! If you decide you don't quite like the look of your gems, you now have the option to choose a skin from a new list of styles.

For those players willing to give a little extra, the Fan Area brings a whole new level to the game; with special levels and allies like Sigma Ood, Stormageddon,  Jenny (the Doctor's Daughter) and more! With guaranteed prize drops, its worth the small price to support the developer.

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook or Twitter for updates and even promo codes to unlock allies, upgrades and even new Doctors.

For more about the game check out The game is currently available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.