Friday, 20 June 2014

Catch Up Before Series 8 With The Doctor Who Interactive Timeline!

Post written by Rachel Sadowski.

As Doctor Who gets ready to launch Series 8, many new viewers are ready to jump right into the world of the TARDIS for the first time!

These viewers come in at a fantastic time as there will be a new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi come this August. In these introductory episodes, a small synopsis of previous seasons is embedded into the words of the script. This gives the new viewers a chance to catch up along with the characters.

This interactive timeline, created by fan Sarah Bends, provides an overview of all things Who, including the classic series and the reboot series. Included in the interactive timeline are biographies of each Doctor, important scenes or quotes, pictures, and more. Check it out if you're a new fan looking to catch up - or an old fan looking to refresh the memory before Series 8!

[Source: Zap2It ]