Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hi, I'm Mike!

 Around 1986 or 1987, the cold winter of the upper Midwestern United States kept me indoors-- even on weekends. But one Saturday a wonderful thing appeared before my ten-year-old eyes from South Dakota Public Television.

It was a show about some blonde guy in a khaki suit who traveled around in a battered blue box accompanied by a woman in non-sensible shoes, a girl in layers of velour and an annoying kid who always wore his pyjamas.

It was, of course, Castrovalva I had absolutely no idea what was going on but from that moment I couldn't get enough of the Doctor and his adventures-- in whatever medium brought them to life. Novels, audio dramas, TV rebroadcasts and worn VHS tapes helped us through the Dark Times until 2005 and the New Series.

 About twelve years ago I met up with other fans (Thanks, Internet!), made great friends, became a Dalek operator, and am now Promotions/Social Media Director for WhoFest, a convention here in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.

I love to talk (and write) about Doctor Who and hope to bring you breaking (or already broken) news and updates about our favourite TV show!