Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Doctor Who: Mystery Writer Discovered?

Thus far, all writers and directors involved with series eight have been announced and made public. But, there had been one mystery writer: episode ten. The enigma of the conundrum may have been solved!

Liverpool Echo has recently released a report which claims that Frank Cottrell Boyce has written the episode. Boyce has been quoted saying,
“It’s like joining a family. It’s a great thing to be involved with. I grew up loving Doctor Who, and my teenage son was a big fan of it too. It’s a pleasure to write it and I’m looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. I’m hoping there’s a bit of Malcolm Tucker in there too.”
Inclusive in the reports, are rumors of the Daleks returning in episode ten. As the new season approaches, excitement fills the hearts of many whovians, waiting in anticipation of the new and electrifying tales to come.

[Source: Doctor Who TV ]