Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Doctor Who: Series 8 Finale Filming in a Familiar Graveyard

This post contains spoilers for the Series 8 finale - click away now if you want to stay unspoiled!

Any whovian would remember the heart-breaking scene in which Eleven said his final goodbyes to Amy and Rory in a graveyard in The Angels Take Manhattan. This time, the Doctor is returning to the exact location, except instead of weeping angels, the Doctor is to face the Cybermen. The highly anticipated episode has been titled Death in Heaven, shooting taking place in Llanelli, more accurately: the Box Cemetery.

A nearby photographer/reporter managed to catch a few glimpses and snap a few photos of the set. Jenna Coleman was seen shooting a scene with a faceless Cyberman - a Cyberman with no helmet. She was said to be reaching out to touch the face hidden under the helmet and say,"Don't you know who I am?"

The episode is sure to be another emotional favorite- we can count on Moffat for that!

[Source: Doctor Who TV ]