Monday, 21 July 2014

Doctor Who Worldwide Spotlight: New Orleans

The idea for this post came to me while watching a trailer for the upcoming season. I watched on Facebook and Twitter as Doctor Who fans from around the world gathered, all excited about one thing. The enthusiasm and universality of this programme never ceases to amaze me. Then I thought: what if I could localize it? Discuss what Doctor Who means, not just to me, but to my local community. I may not live in the United Kingdom, but the Doctor Who fandom is very much alive and well in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The heart of the Doctor Who fandom in New Orleans is Krewe du Who. Formed by Paul Patecek in 2011, this group does everything from cosplay to viewing parties. One of their main events every year is Mardi Gras. These dedicated Whovians turn out in cosplay to march in the parades, and even build their own Doctor Who-themed floats! Krewe du Who is also very involved in the convention scene, and hold their own fan convention every summer, Time Fest.

Many of Krewe du Who’s Doctor Who viewing parties are held at the Crown and Anchor, an English-style pub across the river from New Orleans. Stepping through the doors to the pub really is like stepping into another dimension… the doors are actually a life-size TARDIS! Krewe du Who is planning to hold a live viewing party for the first episode of the new season, on 23 August.

And New Orleans is no stranger to conventions. Back in February, I was fortunate enough to attend Wizard World Comic Con in the city, with special guest Matt Smith! It was his first convention since leaving the show Christmas 2013, and a very special day for all in attendance. It was Matt’s first visit to the city, and hearing him say how beautiful it was made me very happy.

Wizard World will be returning to New Orleans in January, but no guests have been announced yet. Before then, we have New Orleans Comic Expo in November, with special guest Sylvester McCoy! More guests will be announced as the convention nears.

Have you ever visited New Orleans, or do you live here now? Leave me a comment!