Saturday, 7 February 2015

Doctor Who All Stars: Round of 16 (Knockout Rounds)

Welcome back to Doctor Who All Stars! Last week's Twelfth Doctor qualifier saw Peter Capaldi snatch victory while Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver filled out the final slots in the knockout rounds...

... which begin right now! Over the past few weeks, you've been voting for your favourite actors from each 'era' of the revival series of Doctor Who - and now, the initial 32 actors have been whittled down to your favourite 16. The qualifying actors have been drawn against another opponent (depending on how well each actor finished) to make eight head-to-head 'matches'.

Today, voting for the first of the knockout rounds, the round of 16 kicks off. The most voted for actor from each match will progress into next week's quarter-finals, and the stories will eventually be whittled down to two for the All Stars final!

Only the most popular actors have made it this far - so choose carefully! You can choose your one favourite actor from each of the eight matches here. 

Match 1: Tennant v Oliver

Match 2: Barrowman v Kingston

Match 3: Smith v Darvill

Match 4: Gillan v Eccleston

Match 5: Capaldi v Wilton

Match 6: Tate v Gomez

Match 7: Piper v Sladen

Match 8: Coleman v Cribbins

The polls will be open until Friday 13th February, so make sure to vote before then! Next week, the final eight actors will battle it out in the quarter finals.