Monday, 26 June 2017

Doctor Who: World Enough and Time - Appreciation Index Score

Saturday's episode of Doctor Who, World Enough and Time, achieved an Appreciation Index (AI) score of 85.

The Appreciation Index is an indication of how much viewers enjoyed the episode, based on the reactions of a selected panel of viewers, who rate the episode shortly after transmission.

The score of 85 is a season high for Series 10, whose previous top score was Thin Ice's 84, and that also puts it above every episode from Series 9. The most recent episode to have matched that score, fittingly, was Dark Water in 2014, which also saw the return of the Master and the Cybermen.

The AI scores for Series 10 so far are as follows:

  • World Enough and Time - 85
  • Thin Ice 84
  • The Pilot, Smile, Knock Knock, Oxygen Empress of Mars 83
  • Extremis, The Pyramid at the End of the World The Lie of the Land 82
  • The Eaters of Light 81