Thursday, 20 September 2018

New Series 11 Trailer released

With just over a couple of weeks to go, things are getting exciting in the build up to Series 11. And to add to the excitement,  the BBC have now released a new trailer for the series.

And here it is...

[Source: BBC]
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Big Finish Review: Jonah

Review by WhoGirlReviews

Written by Timothy X Atack and released in July 2018, Jonah is the last story in the second series of The Eighth Doctor: The Time War and sees the Doctor, Bliss and the Twelve embark on an underwater adventure into the deepest depths of a mysterious ocean that holds special properties in search of a dark secret.

Once again, the series ends on a note unbefitting of such a strong season. Jonah is easily the weakest entry in the box set and I can’t help but feel it’s because of the premise. I imagine someone at Big Finish really really wanted a deep sea adventure where the Doctor can be captain of his own submarine and the rest of the crew can call him Jonah. While a nice piece of fanfiction, it’s not really worth including as your season finale.

Not that this is a bad story, it’s just not nearly as good as the previous entries on the list. Timothy does a great job showcasing how clever the Daleks can be given that energy weapons do not work under water in this story. He comes up with some pretty nifty ideas to raise the stakes, but at the cost of throwing in some typical submarine clich├ęs. If you’ve seen Cold War, you can probably guess what happens.

A real highlight of the story is the differences between being a captain and being a Doctor. Much like a general, a captain is required to make the tough calls and some people ultimately die because of it. There is a really powerful scene in this story where the Doctor is forced into such a decision and without spoiling what happens, I can tell you that it is such an Eighth Doctor thing.

The Twelve doesn’t skip a beat, continuing on strong from the previous chapter. She has regained her memories; all except the one Ollistra is after and is battling with herself. She does go off the rails a bit and it’s mostly to get her out of the Doctor’s way, but Timothy does make up for it by giving the Doctor arguably the funniest line in the entire story. Here’s a hint: It has to do with the Twelve’s singing.

Ollistra is once again pushed into the story because Big Finish can’t control their Jacqueline Pierce boners. As usual, she spouts some nonsense about the Time War and doesn’t do much, but her Major Tamasan carries the load like a champ, turning into the evil warmongering bitch listeners deserve, but not the one we need right now.

The big revelation of what the McGuffin is everyone’s looking for is a bit of a disappointment. It’s played off as this almighty super weapon instrument until you watch Fires of Pompeii and realise Big Finish obviously forgot about that story.
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Casting a female Doctor & what it means for Series 11

Whether fans are for or against it, series 11 will debut the first ever female incarnation of the Doctor on the long running television serial Doctor Who. Now fans are finally getting the details on how this decision happened and what it will mean for the upcoming series.

Chris Chibnall, the new show runner, has been getting a lot of questions about his choice of changing the Doctor's gender. He explains that the decision seemed straightforward and shouldn't be controversial at all. "It's very hard to think of many examples in its 55-year history where the Doctor takes a decision based upon gender", he expresses. Matt Strevens, the show's new executive producer added, "We knew in our gut it was about time and it felt like the right decision, and the character is not gender-specific." Strevens continues, "If ever there was a character that was never defined by gender, it's the Doctor. The Doctor is gender fluid in that sense."

Strevens also revealed in a Digital Spy interview that when Chibnall took on the role as the program's new show runner he did so on the basis that the Doctor's gender would in fact be changed. This means that after actor Peter Capaldi's exit, regardless of which person gained the role, the thirteenth Doctor would undoubtedly be female.
"Once Peter had decided he was leaving, the next Doctor was always going to be a female Doctor. That's what Chris wanted, that was part of his conditions of doing the job." -- Matt Strevens
However, even though the new Doctor would be cast as female, the new show runner didn't want the stories to be written specifically for a female character. The series writers were not told about the gender change until after the episode drafts were written. These draft scripts were written based on the assumption that the new Doctor would be male, as he had always been previously.

Chibnall explained in an interview with SFX magazine that new writers Malorie Blackman, Ed Hime, Peter McTigh, Joy Wikinson and Vinay Patel were very much kept in the dark about the gender change, stating, "A lot of drafts of scripts have got ‘he’ in [them]. The writers didn’t know ‒ nobody knew ‒ until that reveal video went out." He also suggests that the Doctor being female has little impact on the new adventures anymore than it did when he was male.

Chibnall stated that the one time the Doctor will certainly have to face issues with her new gender is when she travels through history. “I think particularly in the historicals – if we’re doing historicals, which I’m sure we are – obviously that then affects what happens to all these characters when you go to certain periods of history", he explains, stating also that it would be "daft" not to address the Doctor's gender in the new upcoming series. “We're not going to go through going, 'She's still a man!' There are times when you can have fun with it. [But] it's not a central preoccupation of the series", he assures fans.
"In regards to the Doctor regenerating into a new body, it's acknowledged because it's always acknowledged. That's not necessarily anything to do with the gender that the Doctor has landed in before. But the change of body has always been something to be commented on." -- Jodie Whittaker
Series 11 of Doctor Who staring Jodie Whittaker debuts Sunday, 7th October on BBC1 and BBC America respectively.

Sources: [ Digital Spy , Radio Times]
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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

New Children’s Book announced – The Secret in Vault 13

Recently BBC books have announced a new children‘s book, featuring the Thirteenth Doctor and her new friends, Ryan, Yaz and Graham. 

The Secret in Vault 13, written by award-winning children‘s author David Solomons, a lifelong Doctor Who fan, will be about a dangerous adventure in time and space, where the Doctor and her friends encounter a powerful enemy and an ancient mystery…

Read the official synopsis here:
The Doctor has never faced a challenge quite like this . . .
In the coldest spot in the universe is the Galactic Seed Vault. For generations it has existed to store and preserve examples of plant seeds from across the galaxy, ensuring that in the event of planetary catastrophe, the seeds will survive.
And at its heart lies a secret. Vault 13.
Unopened for millions of years, no one is sure what it contains. There are rumours of a great treasure, and a terrible weapon.
Now the Doctor and her companions are in a race with an ancient order known as the Gardeners of Tellus to unlock the vault. Whoever gains access first will discover the horrifying secret of the Genesis Seed.
Illustrated by children‘s book artist Laura Ellen Anderson, this story will be especially exciting for younger fans, aged 7 and up.

Doctor Who: The Secret in Vault 13 will be available in paperback from 1st November, priced £6.99 or hardcover for $16.99. The book is already obtainable for preorder on Amazon UK and US. You will also be able to buy it in Kindle and as an audio CD.

A second book by the writer will follow in autumn 2019.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Rubbertoe Replicas releases new Sonic Tardis Docking Port

For fans with sonic screwdriver collections, Rubbertoe Replicas just released a docking port that makes your eleventh and twelfth Doctor screwdrivers look even cooler in your display cases.

These sonic screwdriver docking ports are modelled after the port seen in the television episode after the Tardis creates the new blue sonic screwdriver for the twelfth Doctor at the end of series 9. This attractive part of the Tardis console was originally designed by Doctor Who prop maker Alun Hardy

The replica docking port is made of aluminium and perspex. It is designed to hold the Rubbertoe eleventh Doctor's sonic replica, Rubbertoe custom sonics and the eleventh Doctor's sonic remote by the Wand Company. However, there are inserts which allow you to also dock the Rubbertoe twelfth Doctor's sonic replica and the CO toy version of both the sonics used by the twelfth Doctor. One insert is included with the purchase of this dock.

The docking port is priced at £93.99 and can be purchased now at the Rubbertoe Replicas website. Rubbertoe Replicas is an officially licensed source for Doctor Who replicas and ships internationally.

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Q&A with Doctor Who Series 11 cast and showrunner released

If a new episode title, special guest announcements, image and synopsis wasn't enough for you, the BBC have also released a Q&A with Jodie Whittaker, Chris Chibnall and Bradley Walsh.

Jodie Whittaker - The Doctor

Why should viewers tune in this series?

If you’ve never seen the show before this is a great season to start with. It doesn’t need an encyclopedic knowledge of Doctor Who to get into it.

The show has a very rich history of about 55 years. The wonderful thing about this is every time there’s new cast members, and new Doctors or new companions, the show is regenerated in a literal sense with the character. New energy is brought into it.

We wanted to make a series that was very inclusive because for people like me, we’re all very new Whovians as well. We’re introduced into this world as new fans will be on this season.

What do fans have to look forward to this series?

If you’re a fan of the show already, it’s got everything you expect. It’s got new monsters, it’s got fantastic new worlds. It’s also got worlds that we’re familiar with, but are maybe seen from different points of view. It honours everything that has gone before, but it then has a different burst of energy with all the new cast members. Doctor Who is for everyone and anyone.

What journey do the characters go on this series?

This season is ten stand­alone episodes so you have contained storylines within every episode. So you have a huge series character arc for many of the characters. But if you come in at episode five, you’ll get a stand-alone story which feels like a film, and which stands up amongst all the television that’s available to anyone now.

What themes do you think are important this series?

Friendship and loyalty and survival. All things that are very human, interlaced with things that are very far from human and familiar. It’s a very inclusive world.

When I watch TV and film I want to feel engrossed and excited, particularly in this world and genre. Doctor Who in itself is its own genre. I suppose you want it to feel like a roller coaster ride!

Chris Chibnall - Showrunner

Do viewers need to have seen Doctor Who before to enjoy this series?

Not at all. This series is the perfect stepping on point.

With the new Doctor you’ve got a new beginning, a new opportunity for people to join the show as viewers, for people who might have drifted away or haven’t seen the show for a few years, or 10 years or 20 years; it’s a great time to remind people of how amazing Doctor Who is and to have a restart. But also, it’s a great time for a new generation of children and families to start the habit of gathering around the television together to watch this funny, scary, extraordinary show!

It’s not a reboot it’s just that great, unique thing which is built into Doctor Who: a fresh start happens every few years. This is no different to when Tom Baker changed to Peter Davison, or when the show went from black and white to colour, with Patrick Troughton handing over to Jon Pertwee. The show has a history of renewal, while also staying faithful to what it is.

It’s the amazing thing about Doctor Who is this fresh start every few years which brings a whole new jolt of energy to the show. And hopefully encourages the next generation of audiences to try the show, while also reminding existing audiences why they love it.

Casting a new actor also brings in new opportunities to think about where the show is, think about where the world is, think about where you might want the stories to go. I hope we’ve got a fresh set of stories that are engaged with, and resonate with, the world we live in now.

What can viewers expect this series?

You can expect emotion, you can expect action and adventure and monsters and far off planets and huge alien vistas. You can expect a lot of humour, a lot of warmth and some great characters.

Four great new friends for you to meet as they go through past, present and future and meet some incredible people from history and go and battle on alien planets and fight threats closer to home.

It’s really a whole array of different stories. Ten individual stories that show off the range of the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends but also of the show as a whole. I hope you can expect everything you’ve ever loved about Doctor Who.

More than anything, it’s hopefully incredibly entertaining and I think this series has something for absolutely everyone. If you’ve seen Doctor Who before I hope we’re going to be giving you all the stuff you love. If you’ve never seen it before, this is the place to start and I think you’re in for a rollicking ride.

Bradley Walsh is Graham O’Brien

Have you enjoyed being part of this year’s ensemble cast?

I love being part of an ensemble. I love it. Jodie leads from the front and she’s fun and she’s upbeat and she keeps it all together – it’s great.

Working with Jodie, Mandip and Tosin and the different directors that are coming in, and this fantastic crew – that’s the thing I’m enjoying most about being on Doctor Who.

How do you think audiences will react to the Thirteenth Doctor?

I think they’re going to be excited by Jodie and I’ll tell you for why... Not only is she an exceptional actress, the energy she brings, because she’s still so young, the energy she brings is extraordinary. To keep up with her is hard work!

Describe the show in a sentence.

This new dawn for Doctor Who will be ground­ breaking and exciting and fantastic and unpredictable and beautiful and timeless.

I’m telling you now, this is going to be so brilliant. Jodie is fantastic! She works so hard and is so enthusiastic. She leads from the front and she’ll trailblaze for a lot of other shows.

The new series of Doctor Who in a sentence is forward thinking, innovative, bold and brave.

[Source: BBC]
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Doctor Who Series 11 episode two title, synopsis and special guests announced PLUS new image!

With Series 11 of Doctor Who fast approaching, the BBC has announced the title of episode two to be The Ghost Monument. Guest appearances for the first two episodes have also been confirmed.

Sharon D Clarke, Johnny Dixon and Samuel Oatley will be starring in the series opener, The Woman Who Fell To Earth. While Shaun Dooley, Susan Lynch and Art Malik will make appearances in the second episode of the series, The Ghost Monument.

The synopsis for the first two episodes have also been released:

Episode One - The Woman Who Fell To Earth 

Action-adventure for all the family, starring Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill. 

“We don’t get aliens in Sheffield.” In a South Yorkshire city, Ryan Sinclair, Yasmin Khan and Graham O’Brien are about to have their lives changed forever, as a mysterious woman, unable to remember her own name, falls from the night sky. Can they believe a word she says? And can she help solve the strange events taking place across the city? 

Guest starring Sharon D Clarke, Johnny Dixon and Samuel Oatley. Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Jamie Childs.

Episode Two - The Ghost Monument

Action-adventure for all the family, starring Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill.

Still reeling from their first encounter, can the Doctor and her new friends stay alive long enough, in a hostile alien environment , to solve the mystery of Desolation? And just who are Angstrom and Epzo? 

Guest starring Shaun Dooley, Susan Lynch and Art Malik. Written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Mark Tonderai.

This press release was accompanied by a new promotional image showing The Doctor and her companions along with some impressive artwork!

Are you excited yet? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @GallifreyTimes!

[Source: BBC]
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Monday, 17 September 2018

Ray Winstone convinced Bradley Walsh to commit to Doctor Who

Bradley Walsh has, through his shows such as The Chase and Law & Order, established himself as one of British TV's most loved actors and entertainers. As such, his impending debut in Doctor Who as companion Graham is highly anticipated by the community, yet it almost did not happen.

Walsh has revealed in an interview with The Mirror that his role in Doctor Who was in doubt, due to the BBC's prolonged silence on the 13th Doctor's identity. Ultimately it was iconic hardman actor Ray Winstone that convinced Walsh to commit to the role, with the actor stressing to Walsh at a charity football match:
"Enough of the quiz shows. Why don’t you do more acting? Get back into acting. Get back into acting. You are a good actor."
The talk between the two certainly worked, with Walsh set to star in Series 13's premier on Sunday 7th October. Walsh is himself no stranger to the Doctor Who universe, having played The Pied Piper on The Sarah Jane Adventures, but the move to companion will carry challenges of an entirely different magnitude, although Walsh seems ecstatic about Series 11's potential, stating:
"If there are any Doctor Who fans out there, Jodie is magnificent. It was unbelievable. It is really big stuff and they have gone for it."
Source: The Mirror
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Warlord Games releases fourth Doctor & companions set

For fans of the Doctor Who themed table top game Exterminate!, Warlord Games has now released a set for the fourth Doctor and his companions.

This set includes five beautifully detailed metal sculpted figures of approximately 38mm in height. These models come unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints are not included. Twelve Exterminate! cards are also included in this set.

This set is the perfect addition to any collection and a great gift for fans of the classic Doctor Who era.
Never without his trademark scarf and a bag of jelly babies, the Fourth Doctor was more distant and alien than his predecessors.
His big, almost maniacal grin and offbeat humour was often contrasted by a sombre and sometimes aloof personality.
He travelled through space and time with many companions, whom he called his friends: Medical Officer Harry Sullivan, the noble savage Leela, Time Lady Romana, and K9, his faithful robot dog, amongst others.
Defeating countless enemies old and new, including the Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons and the Black Guardian, he was declared Lord President elect of his home planet, Gallifrey and travelled the universe searching for the Key to Time. Charming, selfless and a moral crusader, the Fourth Doctor was a force to be reckoned with.
Box contains 5 miniatures: Fourth Doctor & K9, Harry Sullivan, Romana I, Romana II, and Leela.
Includes twelve EXTERMINATE! game cards.
 The set sells for £22.00 at the Time Vortex website.

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African fans can binge watch the newest Doctor Who on Showmax

Doctor Who fans in Africa have been having a lot of good news lately. The TARDIS experience thrilled fans at Africa's first ever Comic Con and now, series 10 of Doctor Who is available for binge watching on Showmax.

Doctor Who has brought joy to fans around the world and now fans in Africa can fully enjoy the Whoniverse since Showmax has announced they are giving fans access to all of series 10 just in time to catch up before the premiere of series 11 which will be available exclusively on Showmax in Africa.

Series 10 of Doctor Who debuts Bill, the Doctor's curious companion as well as a collection of badies both new and old. Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi's final series before a new Doctor and a new show runner take over for the exciting new series 11 debut.

Showmax is Mzansi's own streaming media service. This service costs R99 a month and allows users unlimited access to shows such as Doctor Who.  Showmax even brought the Doctor Who spin off Class to fans in Africa just last year.

Doctor Who, the world record holder for longest science fiction television series will debut series 11 in Africa on 8 October 2018. New episodes will air every Monday.

Doctor Who is exclusively available on Showmax in Africa.

Sources: [ Channel 24 ]
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