Tuesday, 15 July 2014

New Doctor Who Character Inspired by Mass Effect?

Excitement and anticipation is at an all time high for Series 8 of Doctor Who. Whovians across the globe were treated to the first full official trailer at half time of the World Cup final on Sunday. If you were hoping for a darker Doctor like yours truly, an unequivocal answer has been delivered: dark times lie ahead.

Amid the chilling soundtrack and menacing display by Peter Capaldi, we received our first official glimpses at the monsters the 12th Doctor and Clara will be facing. The Doctor's dark journey will find him battling half human robots (possibly Clockwork?), dinosaurs in London and one character who has generated buzz with its striking similarity to a famous character from the video game series Mass Effect.

The character in question is in the image to the right. Fans of both Doctor Who and Mass Effect have identified the similarity with Garrus Vakarian , a member of the Turian race who travels with the player's protagonist Commander Shepard, who can be seen in the bottom picture.

With the blue eyes and swept back head blades, the inspiration is there. To add more fuel to the Garrus fire, the 11th Doctor Matt Smith was apparently seen using an omni-tool, an all purpose holographic instrument in the Mass Effect universe, at last year's Comic Con.

The wide reaching popularity of Garrus and Mass Effect is reason enough for Steven Moffat to want to pay tribute in some shape or form, even if to bring in new fans to Doctor Who. We will have to wait until the debut of the new character to see how far this inspiration leads.