Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Opinion Article: 12th Doctor's Costume

NOTE: The following is an opinion article. It reflects ONLY the views of the author, and not the views of The Gallifrey Times, the BBC, or anyone else but the writer of the article. Thank you, and enjoy your reading.

I have some doubts about Capaldi as I'm sure we all do; going from one Doctor to another is always a heartbreaking process. I'm hopeful but I have some concerns.

When I saw the released photos of the new wardrobe I was disappointed. It's not that I don't like the costume; it's that there are no distinguishing features. Such as the leather jacket worn by Christopher Eccleston, the trench coat we all associate with David Tennant, the lovely fez, bow-tie and suspenders connected to Matt Smith.

Being younger I fully support all these accessories and feel that what you wear reflects who you are. For instance Matt had so many random additions to his suit, but they all fit so well together. Just as the character himself was, coming up with ridiculous food combinations and explanations that all seem to make sense in the end. I think because this outfit lacks those telling accessories we might see less of the fun side and more of the "100 per cent rebel time Lord".

Peter Capaldi himself said...
He's woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord.
Though I look forward to the returning season, Capaldi has some BIG shoes to fill and I'm afraid to see the dark side of the Doctor without those funny additions to break the tension.

I know there are many more opinions on Capaldi, so let us know what you think in the comments below!