Sunday, 3 August 2014

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Talks His Doctor’s “Rock and Roll” Look

The new Doctor comes to our screens in just under three weeks, and he’s sporting a brand new wardrobe. Gone are the days of tweed and fez; Peter Capaldi’s incarnation of our favorite Time Lord is tough, no nonsense, and… rock and roll?

In the upcoming edition of Entertainment Weekly, Capaldi discusses the new style, which he worked closely with costume designer Howard Burden to design, saying:
“I was keen to avoid items that can be fetishized and turned into merchandise. I’d always seen him in dark colors, maybe because that’s how I started with Doctor Who in the black and white days—all those Doctors tended to be dark.”
With the fan frenzy over a new Doctor, and conventions going on all throughout the year, it’s almost a given that even Capaldi’s stripped down, simple costume will be a popular cosplay choice. But it is a refreshing change to see a Doctor with no “token” accessory (aside from the trusty sonic screwdriver!) or eye-catching getup, but a more elegant, functional look. Capaldi went on to say:
“I went to art school, I like rock & roll, I like German expressionism. We tried to pack all these things into quite a severe look, which I think looks cool, while being quite classic as well.” 
The new issue of Entertainment Weekly hits newsstands in the US this Friday, 8 August.

Series 8 of Doctor Who begins on 23 August in the UK on BBC 1 and the US on BBC America, with special engagement screenings on 23 (UK) and 25 (US) August.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]