Friday, 1 August 2014

Doctor Who Star Peter Capaldi Wants Classic Monsters to Return

When it comes to Doctor Who, new leading man Peter Capaldi is the biggest geek of them all. Speaking about monsters he would like to see return during his tenure on the show, Capaldi said:
“Axons appeared as these kind of god-like creatures, but underneath they were festering bags of flesh. I’d love to see a modern version of that. I’d also like to see—this is really one for geeks—the return of the Mondasian Cybermen. They came from the Planet Mondas and first appeared in The Tenth Planet. They were absolutely terrifying, with cloth faces. That was really creepy.”
The Axons appeared in The Claws of Axos, a 1971 Jon Pertwee (Third Doctor) adventure. The Mondasian Cybermen were encountered by William Hartnell (First Doctor) in his very last serial, The Tenth Planet (1966).

Naturally, showrunner Steven Moffat had a thing or two to say in return. On the Axons, he remarked:
“I always thought the Axons had a natural resemblance to a BAFTA.” 
And the original Cybermen?
“We’re not bringing those back, because they look like boys with [sweaters] pulled over their heads.” 
Sorry, Capaldi! It seems your fanboy dreams will be dashed this time.

What Classic monsters or villains would you like to see return? The Master? Omega? The Yeti? Leave us a comment below.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]