Saturday, 2 January 2016

Doctor Who: Best of Twelve - Series 8 Qualifying Round

We're two years into the Twelfth Doctor's era now, and we've seen 26 episodes starring Peter Capaldi's incarnation since he first appeared on Christmas Day 2013. So, to kick off 2016, we're running a mini-tournament throughout January to find out your favourite Twelfth Doctor episode so far!

We're starting off this tournament this week with the Series 8 qualifying round, where you can vote for your favourite stories of 2014 to make it to the quarter-finals in two weeks' time. Only four episodes from each qualifier will progress to the quarter-finals.

You can vote for your favourite two episodes of 2014 in the poll below, and the four most popular episodes will make it through:

Voting closes on Friday 8th January, so make sure to get your votes in before then! Make sure to come back next Saturday for the second and final qualifying round, where you can vote for your favourite episodes of Series 9 to join this poll's winners in the quarter-finals.