Sunday, 18 June 2017

Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light - Overnight UK Viewing Figures

The overnight UK viewing figures for last night's episode, The Eaters of Light, have been released.

The episode had 2.89 million viewers on average, a significant drop from last week's 3.59 million and a season low, reflecting the extremely low viewership of a Saturday night in the midst of a UK heatwave.

Here's how it stacks up to the rest of the season so far:
  1. The Pilot - 4.64 million 
  2. Knock Knock - 4.32 million 
  3. Smile - 4.25 million 
  4. Extremis - 4.16 million 
  5. The Pyramid at the End of the World - 4.01 million
  6. Thin Ice 3.76 million 
  7. Empress of Mars - 3.59 million
  8. Oxygen - 3.57 million 
  9. The Lie of the Land - 3.01 million
  10. The Eaters of Light - 2.89 million
On a night where no show was able to even break four million, Doctor Who was fourth behind Casualty, The Voice Kids and Mrs Brown's Boys, and third on BBC One.

[Source: Gallifrey Base]