Friday, 31 August 2018

Suzanne says… is Doctor Who real?

Back in 2013, Benjamin Tippett and David Tsang published “Traversable Achronal Retrograde Domains In Spacetime”, an academic paper in which the two astrophysicists propose a space-time geometry. 
This paper didn’t go unnoticed, and if like me you aren’t experts in quantum physics, you can rely on this article to get the full explanation minus the scientific terms. 

The science behind the fiction is really interesting, but it is this part of the popularized article that caught my attention:
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this paper is it’s conclusion — because of the utterly massive size of the universe, somewhere out there, Gallifreyans might exist. That’s right, there could be real Time Lords and Ladies, and the Doctor could very well be real.
While we all agree that this quote would hook every Whovian in the room, it also tells us a lot about Doctor Who’s influence on our society.

We seem to be way beyond the greatest questions of our time: are we alone in the universe? Does alien life exist? We reached the next stage of alien life consideration when those two astrophysicists decided to prove that travel through time and space could – in theory – be possible. Now, if you remember, Time Lords have a distinctive characteristic: they master the technology to make time and space travel a reality, while we are stuck, facing the lack of adequate technology.

Doctor Who might be a work of fiction, but it is amazing to see that some would go to great lengths to create the technology imagined by a talented writer or try to rationalize the scientific concept. This phenomenon isn’t an isolated case. From The Physics of Star Trek to The Science of Doctor Who, fiction has a tendency to become science in every major fandom…

So, let’s assume for the sake of this argument that Time Lords do exist.

What, then?

Well, first it would mean that alien life exists. Hurrah! We are not alone! Second, it would mean that an advanced alien race might be studying us. Yes, study us. Try to look at us Earthlings from their perspective. What are we to them if not primitives unable to take care of our own planet properly? I’m obviously talking about the pollution we generate and the junk that we leave in space, around Earth.

If the Doctor existed, if he decided to come to Earth, then by all means science would become fiction because he would materialize in the middle of a junkyard…